Hello. My name is Yuya. You may be an old friend of mine. You may be my student. Or you may have accidentally found this site. But this site is open for everyone. However, I have a few purposes and expectations for this website.

1:Be more digitally active as a researcher/scholar.

2: Exchange thoughts on various academic issues.

3: Have a portal where anyone can find information about my scholarly activities: teaching, researching, writing/publishing, presentations, service, etc.

Ideally this website will be another place where we can interact with each other.

2 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Yuya! This is Jorge, your Mexican pal from Lyon! I need your help, my friend. This friday the 9th of May I’ll be flying to Houston, to another good friend’s wedding. The thing is that the ceremony will take place somewhere near Austin and I must find a place to stay overnight in Houston. And that’s when I suddenly thought of you! I know you live in Michigan, but perhaps by luck you still have the contact of some of our Texan brothers from the bustrip or from our district. The only person I can remember was this guy named Russell, the one who could do the Kevin McAllister face. Any ideas, my friend? By the way, I still have your Rotary flag and the Red Diamonds shirts. Hope to hear from you before friday!!

    • Yuya Kiuchi says:

      Great to hear from you. I have been to Houston but I have no friends or anything there. I’ve only stayed at a hotel. Hopefully you found someone to stay with…. You should come to Michigan some time!

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