Green card

My wife and I have been in the process of applying for my green card for a bit more than two years since we got married in March 2012. I got a two-year temporary one which got extended for a year. But the immigration office is yet to issue a longer-term one. One of the challenges has been proving to them our marriage is not to circumvent the immigration law. In other words, we have to prove we didn’t get married for a green card. Since anything can be faked, it seems so hard to prove it. As one officer who interviewed is two years ago said, they know it’s a legal marriage. But they want to know it’s a real (whatever that means) marriage. How do I “prove” that? It seems like I just have evidence that can easily be challenged. Utility bills with our names, joint tax returns, shared bank accounts, etc can be created if someone really wants a green card. Trip pictures can be photoshopped. Or people can easily take trips together. I have travel pictures with my referee friends. I feel like I’m just collecting a series of non-conclusive evidence. A group of weak evidence doesn’t make up strong evidence. I guess they’re trying to conduct a reasonable doubt test but a part of me wishes we could find just one piece of strong evidence.

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