Memories of my childhood

It has been a while since I was back in Japan in the middle of a summer. I’m usually back in May or so. Despite the heat and humidity, I’m enjoying the summer in Japan. It’s especially nice because Hikone has a lot of nature like my old town where I grew up (Fujimi City) did. The heat and humidity that I felt as I was riding a bike today reminded me of bike rides I had when I was little. The smell of air was also reminding me of childhood. I don’t know what kind of smell it was, but it was the kind of smell (maybe a combination of dirt, rice field, leaves, flowers, etc) I took it for granted when I was little. It brought back the memory of my childhood.

In the past several years, I have only been back in Japan in late December and early January, and May. I haven’t been in Japan in other months for years. I haven’t celebrated tanabata for many years. The same with Setsubun, hanami, and many other culturally significant events. I must admit I miss those occasions. For the next ten days or so, I will get to experience the heat, humidity, smell, noise, sound, etc that I have almost forgotten. I’m very excited about it.

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