FSA #8

The typhoon is coming close to us. There were some changes we had to make. For today (Aug 9), we had to cancel our trip to the Lake Biwa Museum. Nonetheless, we were able to have Dr. Kentaro Taki to give a lecture on the conservation plan of the lake. He was an exchange staff member in Michigan for two years till earlier this year. Although he is a civil engineer, his work in Michigan was more cultural and social. Now he is back to his original work as an engineer. It was really interesting to hear about different plan to make sure that natural habitats were conserved, etc. Most of my civil engineer friends work on roads, so it was nice to hear about a different kind of works that civil engineers did.

After that, our students had a long free time. With the other faculty member (David), I took Dr. Taki back to the train station where we had a small lunch. David and I then went to Uniqlo because we now know we both like the brand. He got two shirts and I got one.

The typhoon is for sure making us very wet. We had to stay indoor all day. There also was a lecture on the mascot of Hikone City,. The lecture was given by the person who is in charge of coordinating his appearance etc. So it was a very positive lecture. I had some critical questions but I figured it was not necessarily the good place to ask such a question.

The typhoon has affected our schedule quite a bit. Our free day for tomorrow (Aug 10) has been changed. We will have two lectures instead. But our students will have Aug 11 as the free day.

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