FSA #9 Rain Day

It was supposed to be a free day today, but because of the typhoon, we decided to have two lectures today and have tomorrow as the free day. So at 8:30am and 2:00pm, we had lectures, We talked about how Japan has dealt with disasters. I shows how Japan actually suffers from natural disasters disproportionately more than many other countries based on the landmass. We also had a lecture on mascots. I wanted students to see mascots for more than something that is cute.

The rain and wind was strong all day. Students weren’t allowed to go out till 2pm. I took a short walk to grab lunch around noon and I broke (someone else’s) umbrella. It was so windy.

Most students went to the bath house in the evening because they were stuck in the building all day. I’m really happy to see them get along well.

We are going to Tokyo tomorrow!

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