FSA #12

It was a field day. Some of my students went to Osaka and the others went to Kyoto. Either way, they had to complete an assignment. I went to Kyoto for a few hours. David, the other faculty member, had something to do there so I was with him. And then, there was a sushi place I wanted to go to, so we went there. After that, we came back to Shiga. For us, it was an uneventful day, but for our students, it could have been a day with a lot of adventure. Some students that went to Osaka did not come back until 9 or so, so I’m sure they had a lot of fun. But either way, our students had to find three kinds of places: somewhere they can see old Japan, somewhere they can see new Japan, and a good place to eat. They had to explain why those are good places to visit and recommend them to future American college students that will visit Japan. It allowed them to think why certain places are important to visit than others and how that reflects and constructs what Japan stands for.


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