Role of Staff

Spending two weeks abroad with three staff members during this Freshman Study Abroad has really showed me how much work university staff did. There are many support staff members that enable classes, research, and meetings to happen during the regular semester. Without them, I wouldn’t have a classroom to teach, there would be no agreed-upon time slots, etc etc. So I, as faculty, rely on them all the time. But their work is almost in the background and faculty members rarely see how much work they do. In many ways, faculty are also at the front stage. We teach, we research, we publish, etc. I equate it to being the referee of a match, He or she makes calls and is on TV all the time. But it is only thanks to his/her assistant referees that the referee can do his/her job well. During this trip in Japan, staff members worked so hard. I tried to be of help and be available, but I could focus on teaching and grading. They really made the trip happen and successful. I also got to see how much work goes into just one program. It was a great experience for this reason, too.

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