HDFS470 Summer 2012

The development of technology in the last century has changed our geographical and physical perception of the world, challenged our epistemic awareness, affected the process of our identity formation, and altered our social location and interaction with others. Focusing particularly on American and global youth, this course moves away from a simplistic view of youth and technology (e.g. they have no sense of privacy online, or they just don’t want to talk to anyone face-to-face) and aims to understand the true relationship between them. This will ultimately allow us to use technology to be engaged with the youth, encourage them to participate in social and communal activities, and help them exercise their agency. Deigned both for theorists and practioners, the topics to be examined will include, but not limited to: technology for work and entertainment; technology as a means of communication; privacy;  race, class, gender, and technology; voice of a subculture; risky behavior with technology; policing and educating the youth with technology; policy; globalization; and health. This course will also teach technical skills of using Twitter, starting a personal blog, making a video clip, and integrating all of these materials into a personal website.


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