WRA110 Spring 2012

As part of the general education requirement, Tier I Writing contributes to the Michigan State University mission by focusing on inquiry-based teaching and learning that encourages students to begin to understand themselves as:

  • contributing members of MSU’s community of scholars
  • committed to asking important questions and to seeking rich responses to those questions
  • developing skills, knowledge, and attitudes that improve the quality of life for self and others through scholarly, social, and professional activities.

In pursuit of these goals, Tier I Writing and Preparation for College Writing courses engage students in writing and reflection activities that make overt the ways that invention, arrangement, and revision activities:

  • can be engaged across inquiry situations (scholarly, social, and professional)
  • require the development of knowledge about the importance of contextual factors that affect the application of these methods of inquiry

The Tier I shared learning outcomes support inquiry-based learning that transfers across writing situations in relation to three major issues: writing, reading, and researching. The Tier I Shared Learning Outcomes appear on the last page of this document.

Since this is a writing course, I will ask you to write many pages. My (and common intellectual) assumption is that the fundamental act in improving writing is to engage in writing. Reflection, creativity, research, and critical thinking are essential to our many writing endeavors. Be prepared to write, proof, edit, revise, and edit even more.


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