Teaching Philosophy

Although my teaching experience encompasses numerous topics and levels from “WRA1004: Pre-College Writing” to “HST310: African American History since 1877” and to “HDFS470: Youth and Technology,” my fundamental teaching philosophy is to balance scholarly integrity and practical applicability. On the one hand, it is important that my classes offer students opportunities to engage themselves in scholarship: both canonical texts from the past and cutting-edge works. They learn what academics say about a certain topic and are expected to respond to it in an intellectual and logical way. On the other hand, I am fully aware that most students will go outside of the academy. Their learnings must have a certain level of applicability to real-life situations and questions that they will face. Although there seems to exist a common consensus that academics are so distanced from so-called real life and what students learn in school have little to do with what they need to do after graduation, my personal experiences working in the private sector tell me otherwise. Colleges have a lot to offer to students’ future endeavors inside and outside of academia. It is just a matter of how instructors and students approach a topic at hand and how to use skills learned in school.

Teaching Online

Teaching in History

Teaching in the Field of Technology Studies

Teaching in African American and American Studies

Teaching Writing


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