IAH206 Summer 2012

Technology has affected how we look at ourselves and how we interact with our surrounding environment. The speed of the change increases as we live in a more technology-dependent and globalized society. This course examines how our identities—as an individual, a family member, a friend, a member of a community, a citizen, and on many other levels—develop through our use of technology. We will also examine how technology has allowed us to be globalized while in some cases, we continue to be heavily rooted in our local communities. Students will deepen their knowledge about both American and non-American cultures, as well as global cultures. Themes to be discussed include: race and ethnicity; gender; class; youth; spread of culture; and the definition of “technology.” Students will examine, analyze, and interpret various forms of technology, both old and new, and low and high. The course is designed to broaden students’ understanding of cultures as political, social, geographical, and intellectual environments within which we reside and formulate our identity. By the end of the semester, each student should be able to not just answer the question, “who am I?” but also “how have I become who I am now?”

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